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Ink printing field

Name:Ink printing field


Ink (also known as printing ink) is mainly composed of colorant (dispersed phase), Varnish (continuous phase) and various supplementary materials. The main colorant is organic pigment, especially azo organic pigment.

There are many ways to classify inks.

Classification by version

Lithographic printing inks, letterpress printing inks, gravure printing inks, flexo printing inks, orifice printing inks, digital printing inks, specialty printing inks, etc.

Classification by drying method:

Penetration drying ink, volatilization drying ink, oxidation conjunctival drying ink, radiation drying ink, other drying ink (wet coagulation drying, cold coagulation drying, etc.).

Classification of printing materials:

Paper printing ink, fabric printing ink, plastic printing ink, metal printing ink, glass printing ink, ceramic printing ink, etc.

We also categorize as follows:

Offset ink: sheetfed offset ink, rotary ink (cold-set rotary ink (books, newspapers), heat-set rotary ink)

UV ink: UV offset printing, UV flexo, UV screen

Solvent ink: surface printing ink, inner printing ink, nitrocellulose ink

Water-based ink: flexo water-based ink, gravure water-based ink, other water-based ink
* There are many products printed by ink: newspapers, fine books, magazines, ink paintings, tobacco and alcohol label packaging, food packaging (instant noodle bags, mustard bags, milk, etc.), packaging on mineral water bottles, etc.