Environmental protection

Environmental protection

We always adhere to the concept of “green development and harmonious development”. We have large-scale biochemical sewage treatment facilities to meet the normal needs of pigment production and the required discharge standards. We have passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification to ensure the harmonious development of enterprises and society. ISO14001 achieves the purpose of continuous improvement and pollution prevention through the establishment and implementation of an environmental management system. In order to fundamentally solve the problems of environmental pollution and waste of resources, we conduct environmental assessment and tracking management through the whole production process, including product development and design, manufacturing, logistics, use, and hazardous waste treatment. The implementation of our management system is using clean production technology to produce clean products. Through the implementation of ISO14001, we find out unreasonable pollutant discharge points, establish a plan to reduce pollutant discharge, and obtain considerable economic and environmental benefits. This help us improve our level of enterprise management, and promote our healthy development.

Enterprise environmental policy: Green environmental protection work, smooth roads and green land, clean house, work pollution control, rational use of water, electricity, materials and working machinery.

Enterprise environmental goals: Create green and civilized factory, control noise, prevent pollution, and all employees protect environment.

Annual environmental protection achievements: The monitoring standards of environmental protection department has been met. No laws and regulations related to environmental protection have been violated. General solid waste and hazardous waste generated are reasonably disposed of.