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Coating is traditionally called paint in China. Coating is coated on the surface of the object to be protected or decorated, and can form a continuous film that is firmly attached to the object. The authoritative book "Coating Technology" in Chinese coating industry defines it as follows: coating is a material that can be coated on the surface of objects by different construction techniques to form a solid, continuous firm with certain strength. This kind of film is generally called a coating film, also known as a paint film or a coating. Coatings generally consist of four basic components: film-forming substances (resins), pigments (including extenders), solvents and additives. The main functions of coatings are: protection, decoration, concealing product defects and other special functions.

The types of coatings are:
1) According to the form of coating, it is divided into water-based coating, solvent-based coating, powder coating, high-solid coating, etc.
2) According to the construction method, it is divided into brush coating, spray coating, roller coating, dip coating, electrophoretic coating, etc.
3) According to the construction process, it is divided into primer, middle coat (secondary primer), top coat, finish coat, etc.
4) According to the function, it is divided into decorative coating, anti-corrosion coating, conductive coating, anti-rust coating, heat-resistant coating, temperature-indicating coating, thermal insulation coating, fire-resistant coating, waterproof coating, etc.
5) According to the application, it is divided into architectural coating, can coating, automotive coating, aircraft coating, home appliance coating, wood coating, bridge coating, plastic coating, paper coating, etc.
6) Household coating is divided into interior wall coating, exterior wall coating, wood coating, metal coating, floor coating, etc.

*Organic pigments are used in interior wall coating, wood coating, floor coating, decorative paper, car coating, can coating, etc.